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 Annual Memberships

Direct debit. No lock-in Contract. Regular 4-weekly payment cycle. Hassle free and excellent value. 

upavishta konasana supported yoga pose at Hamilton Yoga Iyengar Yoga school in Newcastle New South Wales

1 class per week @ $18 per class.

$72 payment every 4 weeks

2 classes per week @ $16.50 per class.

$132 payment every 4 weeks

3 classes per week @ $15.00 per class

+ Unlimited attendance at VIRTUAL classes

$180 payment every 4 weeks

1  class per week @ $12.00 per class

$48 payment every 4 weeks

Hamilton Yoga Book

Beginners Special 8-Week Memberships*

For Keen Beginners

 Hassle free and amazing value. 

Teachers in Eagle Pose (garudasana) at Hamilton Yoga in Newcastle New South Wales

Regular fortnightly Direct Debit payment cycle. 


2 Classes per Week @ $16.50 per class.

+ 1 Virtual per week

$66 payment every 2 weeks


3 Classes per week  @  $15.00 per class

+ Unlimited Virtual

$90 payment every 2 weeks

*This membership is an 8-Week contract

Course Passes

Commit to a series of classes 


1 class per week @ $18 per class 

+ 1 on-line class 

Please contact reception for late-enrolment pro-rata bookings


1 class per week @ $35 per class.

This a specialised small class (maximum 5 students) for people with injuries, medical conditions, or disabilities.

Please contact reception for more information.

Teacher at Hamilton Yoga Iyengar Yoga School in Newcastle New South Wales demonstrate preparations for shoulder balance (salamba sarvangasana)

Casual Class Passes

Not sure when you can come in? Try one of our casual passes.

Private Session Passes

Please contact reception to arrange a time


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