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Attending 10-week Courses

At Hamilton Yoga we encourage students to commit to attending regularly in our term courses. Our progressive curriculum has been developed to enable keen and consistent students to progress. Please choose a course day and time that you will be likely to attend most regularly.

The Introduction to Yoga course offers unlimited attendance for 10 weeks. Once you have enrolled you may attend any of the Introduction to Yoga classes within the same term, as frequently as you wish, at no extra cost. There is no need to book for the extra classes.

10-week courses
Levels 1, 2 & 3

$210/term Concession $195*

or contact reception to sign up for a membership with cheapest rates and ongoing classes 50 weeks a year

10-week ‘Introduction to Yoga’ Course

$19/week unlimited classes *

 There are 7 Intro classes each week and we encourage you to attend at least once, but as often as you can. 

*Payable in advance

10-week Led Practice Program

$105 Concession $95*

This program is available to members and students currently enrolled in a 10-week course.  

Bookings are available in person at reception or by email. 

10-week Pranayama Course

$115  Concession $95*

Attend one course class per week for 10 weeks.


Bridge to Yoga Course 



Bookings are available at reception in person, by emailing or calling.

Please note: A Private Assessment is required prior to enrolment in this program to clarify for both student and teacher the suitability of the program, and to lay the groundwork for the best suited approach.

Kids Yoga Course 


$140 or Active Kids Voucher + $40

Visit ServiceNSW website: Active Kids Providers, & search for

Hamilton Yoga 2303


$89/$85 c.  4-DAY LEVEL 1 (90 mins)

$105/$95 c.  5-DAY LEVEL 1 (90 mins)

$130/$115 c.  5-DAY LEVEL 2 (120 mins)

$152/$138 c. 8-DAY INTRO (75 mins)

$69/$65 c. 5-DAY PRANAYAMA  (60 mins)


If you are new to yoga, haven’t practiced for a while or come from a different yoga style background we recommend you attend the ‘Introduction to yoga’ course first to familiarise yourself with Iyengar yoga. New students are often pleasantly surprised that they can ‘do everything’, although they sometimes also remark on how challenging they find the classes. The Introductory courses are not easy courses, but they are ‘do-able’ by most people of average health and fitness. Our students do learn and progress within the course system. Practitioners who have experience in other methods are asked to approach the subject with a beginners mind and be open to a new way of experiencing Yoga.

Read more about the different class options here:


We understand that life can get in the way of our plans sometimes. To catch-up a missed class simply arrive at least 10 minutes early for any other class of the same level within the 10 week course period and let the teacher know your usual day and time.
Catch up classes are now also allowed in the two week term-breaks between terms and in the Christmas holiday period.
(Catch-up classes are not available for Unlimited courses, led practice, Pranayama or Bridge to Yoga Courses)


Refunds will only be given under circumstances such as Injury or illness that prevents participation in class, family crisis or bereavement. Request for refund must be made within 7 days of cessation of attendance. Refunds are at the discretion of Hamilton Yoga management.


Memberships and Casual Classes