FAQ's at Hamilton Yoga Newcastle

These are the questions you ask us. Please email or call if you have any others

Do I need to bring anything with me to class? Do I need my own mat?
Why do you run courses?
Can I do yoga? I am old/ stiff/ injured/ hopeless?
You run courses. Can I come casually?
How long are your classes?
Why are classes longer than at other yoga centres?
Why do you only have one type of yoga?
Is your method ‘easy' or ‘hard’ yoga?
Is it more like Yin or Bikram?
Do you have teacher training courses?
How are you different from all the other types of yoga?
What happens in the 'Introduction to Yoga' course?
What does UNLIMITED mean in your Introductory course? How often should I attend?
Can I still join? I am really keen but your Introduction to Yoga course has already started.
Why do you have levels for your classes?
Do you have an area to change, a shower?
What is your yoga room like?
I am scared of doing Led Practice, what is it?
Do you offer naked/goat/beer/kilt yoga?
Sun projecting through logo onto wooden floor boards
Patanjali Statue