We are now live streaming our Yoga Classes for your convience. Check out this helpful info on new classes. Should you have anymore questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Hamilton Yoga
What you will need to do

• Ensure that you have a Hamilton Yoga Punchpass Streaming Account and a log-in. 

• Download Zoom and create a Zoom account. You will not need to sign up or purchase any Zoom plans. Zoom is already paid for by the host, which is Hamilton Yoga. 

• Reserve your class using the live schedule above. Then you will be emailed the link needed to join.

• Click on the link and Zoom will open. (If you do not have ZOOM installed on your device, follow the prompts to install it.) You will be given options to test your microphone and speaker. Go to the ‘meeting’. 

• For your first time, do all of these things a few days in advance to minimise confusion prior to the class. 

• Zoom has a number of helpful tutorials to help you get started https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/articles/201362193-Joining-a-Meeti

What you will need to bring

• A reliable internet service

• A device with a large screen with an inbuilt camera and microphone (ie a laptop or tablet).

• Yoga things. This need not the full kit that we use at the studio but at the very minimum you need:

• A mat, 2 blankets, 2 blocks and 1 belt. Ideally you will also have a bolster, chair (kitchen variety will do), & 2 shoulder-stand pads. 

These items can be purchased from iyogaprops.com.au(use the code HAMILTON) for a 10% discount.

• A clear space to practise free of clutter – consider this an opportunity to tidy up or rearrange the furniture! If you have a spare unfurnished wall and a door frame nearby that would be good.


• Please check the the live schedule above regularly for changes

Online class etiquette

• Mute / Unmute – We usually run the classes with students muted as background noise can be a distraction – you can unmute yourself to talk to us and ask questions during class. Please minimise all other noises from your end. 

There is also a chat option for private communication during class 

What you need to know

• You will receive an email link when you book your class, and another reminder email on the day of the class. This will include the URL link directly to the class in Zoom. Clicking on this link is an easy way to join the class.

• Please do not copy our classes. We are not making recorded copies. We ask you to respect out intellectual property rights and not record our classes in any way.

As a small local family run business we have been devastated by the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, and appreciate your support.
If you are experiencing financial hardship we want to make these classes available to you, so please reach out via our contact page.