Live-Streaming yoga classes with your teacher on Zoom. We can all see and hear each other as though in a regular class. 

Pretty amazing right!

You will need to create an account for Live Streaming classes first. 

Unlimited Live-Streaming Classes

$18 per week on a monthly pass for $78   “Nourish”


$24 trial offer weekly pass  ” Connect”

FIRST TIME: Create a Hamilton Yoga streaming account

Sign in

Purchase a pass 

Book your classes

Read the very very useful information below

Be excited

Sign up, purchase a pass and book your classes by clicking the green button and selecting the top menu

Download the ZOOM app on the device you will be using. The bigger the screen the better. (No need to pay)


You will be emailed a link when you book your class, and again 10 minutes before the class starts.


Click the link to join the class


• A reliable internet service 

• A device with a large screen with an inbuilt camera and microphone (ie a laptop or tablet). Zoom advises that whilst phones work, joining online ‘meetings’ (ie yoga classes) using a phone may be problematic at present due to the huge surge in online activity by many industries and workplaces. They are working to create more capacity and hopefully will have that sorted by the time we start. 

• Yoga things. This need not the full kit that we use at the studio but at the very minimum you need:

 A mat, 2 blankets, 1 block and 1 belt. Ideally you will also have a bolster, chair (kitchen variety will do), shoulder-stand pads and additional blankets, belts and blocks. CONTACT US to borrow these things from the studio if you need. We will start teaching classes with minimum props to accommodate those who do not have a full prop kit 

• A clear space to practise free of clutter – consider this an opportunity to tidy up or rearrange the furniture! If you have a spare unfurnished wall and a door frame nearby that would be good. 

• Ensure that you have a Hamilton Yoga Streaming Account and a log-in. 

• Download Zoom and create a Zoom account. You will not need to sign up or purchase any Zoom plans. Zoom is already paid for by the host, which is Hamilton Yoga. 

• Once you have booked the class, you will be sent an email 10 minutes prior to the class with the meeting link. 

• Click on the link and Zoom will open. (If you do not have ZOOM installed on your device, follow the prompts to install it.) You will be given options to test your microphone and speaker. Go to the ‘meeting’. You will be allowed into a ‘waiting room’ where you wait for the meeting to start. 

• Do all of these things a few days in advance to minimise confusion a few minutes prior to the class. 

• Zoom has a number of helpful tutorials to help you get started

• We have changed our timetable by merging some classes and deleting others. 

• After the first week of online streaming, we may change the timetable depending on how many students attend online classes. So please check the timetable on our bookings page regularly for changes. 

• The timetable has been updated and is finalised for next week so you can book classes now. 

• Mute / Unmute – We will run the classes with students unmuted – this means that you can talk to us and ask questions during class. Please minimise all other noises from your end. If need be the teacher will mute the class if background noises interfere with classes. 

• Please be patient – We are all navigating new territory and trying the best we can to ensure that you can still do quality yoga and that we are still employed. Initially, there will probably be glitches. The internet service might drop out, Zoom might crash if overloaded or the teacher might even push the wrong button!!! If the class drops out, just wait, check your emails and we will try and get it up and running again. 

• Once you have booked into classes, we will send you a reminder email 10 minutes before the class is due to start. This will include the URL link directly to the class in Zoom. Clicking on this link will be easier than finding your way to ZOOM. 

• Places will be limited from our end, we can only see you on the screen in gallery mode (ie lots of little squares with each one of you in it – like the opening of a Brady Bunch episode – I know, half of you don’t know what that is). The more of you we have, the smaller you get. For this reason – we will limit places to 15 per class. 

•Please do not copy our classes We are not making recorded copies. We ask you to respect out intellectual property rights and not record our classes in any way.

An uncluttered view for live streaming yoga classes, from head to toes
Experiment with where to put the screen (and camera if separate) before your first class.  The best position gives a full view of you on your mat, from head to toe. If possible an uncluttered wall behind gives your teacher the clearest view. If you have a separate webcam, set it up further away, and keep the screen in close

As a small local family run business we have been devastated by the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, and appreciate your support

If you are experiencing financial hardship we want to make these classes available to you, so please reach out via our contact page.