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At Hamilton Yoga we will look after you! We give beginners the ‘Introduction to Yoga’ syllabus. It is planned to challenge you, but also to give you confidence as the basic poses and concepts are introduced and built upon week by week. Gradually you will start to notice changes in your abilities, as the poses you may have believed unattainable become possible. People often notice positive physical and emotional changes occurring quite soon after setting out on the yoga path.

This 10 week course progresses sequentially, week by week introducing students to elementary concepts and asanas (yoga postures). 

During the 1 ¼ hour class basic standing poses are taught, seated poses, twists, backbends and preparations for shoulder-balance, concluding with  relaxation. 

Iyengar Yoga is a brilliant method that is infinitely adaptable to any student’s requirements. This is the reason why it is loved and practiced world-wide by many modalities of health practitioners and people of all ages and abilities. 

We teach daily classes at all levels, from beginners to advanced in Newcastle NSW. Learn and develop at a steady pace from commencement as an absolute beginner through to the experienced practitioner levels. We have a progressive syllabus and run more like a school than a gym. No special abilities are required in the Introductory level. It is a myth that you need to be flexible to do yoga. 

“The young, the extremely aged, even the sick and the infirm obtain perfection by constant practice.” (Hatha Yoga Pradipika)

 “The depth of knowledge and experience the teachers at this school have is unsurpassed in Newcastle ( and probably most other places too). Individual adjustments provided during classes to ensure proper alignment. A very welcoming space.’

Sue F


unlimited classes $19/week*

Our 10-week Introductory course is ‘Unlimited’. This means that the enrolment fee covers all Introductory classes – You can attend once a week, or up to 7 classes a week, as it suits you. The Introductory course is also reduced from $210 to $190 making it great value for beginners. 

This course is suitable for absolute beginners, those new to Iyengar Yoga, those with only a little yoga experience and those wishing to recommence yoga after a break.

*To enrol in this course, full payment of $190 is required in advance. 


for ‘Introduction to Yoga’   

 Tuesday          7.15 – 8:30pm

 Wednesday    1.00 – 2.15pm (50+ Gentle)

 Wednesday    5.30 – 6.45pm

 Thursday        6.45 – 8.00am

 Friday             10.00 – 11.15am

 Saturday        10.45 -12.00pm

 Sunday          4.00 – 5.15

Term 4 courses start on the 15th of  October, however if you are keen then there is no time like the present!


We welcome all Newcastle yoga students who have a background in other methods, and hope that in coming to our school you bring an open mind to learning and experiencing Iyengar yoga.

“Hard work and humility are essential for spiritual sadhana.” (BKS Iyengar)

Iyengar Yoga is a profound and inspiring practice with very rigorous teacher-training and assessment standards. Our methodical program ensures that all students have a working understanding of foundation poses before being introduced to the more complex and challenging ones. 

The best place for experienced students not coming from an Iyengar background is to enter the school through the Unlimited Introduction to Yoga Course. You can work your way up through the levels at Hamilton Yoga, placing your existing experience into a new context as you progress. 

Before you commence Level 1 ‘Foundation’ you need have learned and practised going into and setting up for specific poses, which are all taught at our Introductory level.

Before starting Level 2 ‘Developing’ you will need a minimum of 1 year in Level 1 ‘Foundation’. We take our responsibility for your wellbeing seriously, and seek to ensure that you have an understanding of the foundation poses before permitting you into an advanced level class. This also enables the students in the advanced classes to focus on the challenging work they are doing.

“Just want to say I have tried other yoga places, but no other place compares to Hamilton Yoga. 
The instructors are all professional, helpful, kind… 
They are knowledgeable about: the history of lyengar yoga, different poses, how to progress poses, & how to give individual support… 
& are open & welcoming to everyone.”
Mike H


Our classes are offered over four terms each year, much like the school year. Within the four terms we run courses at all levels. In term breaks we offer an amended class schedule.

We encourage students to enrol in our 10-week courses as Hamilton Yoga’s progressive curriculum has been developed to enable consistent students to progress steadily.

Students may attend most of our classes on a casual drop-in basis however, as we acknowledge that the realities of life do not always allow regular attendance.

“I feel challenged and cared for every time I go to yoga here. I highly recommend it!”
Theresa A

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Hamilton Yoga - Iyengar Yoga School

We teach Yoga to all levels of students from Introductory through to advanced. Classes 7 days a week. Teachers are qualified in the internationally respected and renowned Iyengar Yoga tradition. Our school is in a beautiful hall in Hamilton.
Hamilton Yoga - Iyengar Yoga School
Hamilton Yoga - Iyengar Yoga School
We are a welcoming Iyengar Yoga school in Hamilton NSW. Come and be encouraged to explore, discover, face challenges and progress in our beautiful dedicated yoga studio. Qualified experienced teachers will guide and support you on this incredible journey.
Hamilton Yoga - Iyengar Yoga School
Hamilton Yoga - Iyengar Yoga School
Hamilton Yoga - Iyengar Yoga School
Please let your friends and family know about our great little school and the quality yoga courses we offer here. Next round of Intro courses commence in Mid-October.
Hamilton Yoga - Iyengar Yoga School
Hamilton Yoga - Iyengar Yoga School
Yoga Mandir is offering Scholarships to Certified Iyengar Yoga Teachers living outside of Australia. A great opportunity for teachers wanting to continue to develop their teaching and practice. Alan Goode has encouraged and inspired me to look deeper and discover further. Please share with your overseas yoga friends.
Hamilton Yoga - Iyengar Yoga School
Hamilton Yoga - Iyengar Yoga School
Meditation is oneness, when there is no longer time, sex, or country. The moment when, after you have concentrated on doing a pose (or anything else) perfectly, you hold it and then forget everything, not because you want to forget but because you are concentrated: this is meditation.
BKS Iyengar. Sparks of Divinity
Hamilton Yoga - Iyengar Yoga School
Hamilton Yoga - Iyengar Yoga School
‘Lineage’ in yoga refers to the historical succession of knowledge passed from teacher to teacher. A yoga teacher who is held in lineage does not just represent their own individual knowledge, but that of all the teachers who lived before. Lineage passes along understanding that is enriched and shaped by many perspectives, based on authentic foundations that have been tried, tested and developed over thousands of years by many generations.

One of the great riches of Iyengar Yoga is the wealth of knowledge and experience our most senior teachers have to share. These are serious practitioners who inspire us with their lifelong dedication, and who uphold the values and meaning of their art.

At Hamilton Yoga we feel connected by lineage to two such Australian teachers, and through them to the great teachings of BKS Iyengar from Pune, India. Pixie Lillas of Balmain Yoga (Sydney) & Alan Goode of Yoga Mandir (Canberra) run programs for teachers of all levels. We appreciate their great gift of love and commitment to the art and science of yoga.

This weekend I was grateful to be attending a professional development weekend with Pixie Lillas and a group of senior teachers who had travelled from around Australia to be there. Guided by Pixie, we practiced together, and learnt from one another. It is uplifting to be a part of such a philosophically curious and active culture.
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