at Hamilton Yoga - an Iyengar Yoga School in Newcastle NSW

Spring Break Intensive 7th October-11th October with David Morley

Term-break Intensives are a wonderful way to consolidate your learning.

Experience the moment of stepping out into the day feeling calm, light and ready.

The effect of a regular consistent daily practice is profound, and an intensive week can give a taste of what that life might feel like.

Early Morning 5-day Intensive With David Morley

October 7th-11th                   6.15-8.00am

Monday to Friday   Level 1/2 combined

Price is $105 or $95 Concession. There are special rates available for members. Please ask your teacher. 

And for or those wanting to immerse more deeply in the experience:

In Intensive week we run all other classes restoratively, which compliments the more active mornings.

Choose whether to attend morning & 10am, or morning & evening, for a fuller experience.  

There are 3 week-day 10am classes and 4 evening classes in term break to choose from.

The Term-Break timetable is now available on our Timetable page.

Some images from the 

Alan Goode

August workshop


TERM 3 2019

Welcome back for Term 3

Thank you for your patience whilst classes were moved to Hamilton Public School in the break. There has been quite a bit of activity at the Oddfellows Hall. Our new wall is looking good! The hall is now sealed, insulated, more environmentally friendly and very cosy for the colder months. The sash windows have been painstakingly removed and repaired and are looking fresh and beautiful. The reception area can accommodate small groups for practice when classes are on in the hall. With the outside shed removed we can enjoy watching the courtyard garden grow and have a space to sit in the sunshine. We still have a little way to go but the end is almost in sight…

Please let your friends know about our great little school and the quality classes we offer. We rely on your positive words and references. The Introduction to Yoga Courses have just begun and it is not too late to sign up.

It is easier now to give us a review on google. 

Please click on this link:

Kids Yoga


After requests from parents we have scheduled a Kids Yoga Course.


A variety of yoga bloomers have made their way from Pune to Hamilton. Ask at reception. Various fabrics, designs & prices

TERM 2 NEWS 2019

 A warm & bright Hello to all students & friends

The nights are long and the days cold but the afternoon sun casts a luxurious blanket of golden beams across the floor of the old Oddfellow’s Hall on Steel St.
Steve and I left our lives in Melbourne to explore the remote and wild edges of Australia for a couple of years and seek out our future home. We held Newcastle as a likely destination in mind, without really knowing what this city or its inhabitants would be like. I still wonder at the luck of it, to find myself in this place, amongst these people… you people! I somehow stumbled upon Iyengar Yoga as I somehow bumbled into Newie and a partnership with David, and I am so often struck by the thought that this a wonderful place to be.

This life in Iyengar Yoga is entwined with the lives of others it brings us in contact with. There’s a longevity to it that allows for real relationships to develop. Senior teachers with over forty years teaching experience, with yearly visits to the same teachers, in the same place in India. And their students, such as I, who continue to learn and be inspired by the dedication they demonstrate and the knowledge they share. We can look back at decades-old photos and laugh at how young we all were back then (mullets and perms). We are part of a network that spans the country and beyond that, the globe. We meet up at RIMYI in Pune, India, at workshops and national conventions and in committees, in classes and teacher training and professional development. On my travels I could drop in for a cuppa and a practice at an Iyengar School with a friend, or a friend of a friend in almost every city. It always felt like home. This method has attracted the grounded, kind and dedicated practitioners who teach, study, learn and practice at Hamilton Yoga. For this I am grateful.

We take our subject seriously because we have experienced in our own lives the profound effects it can have. Beyond the appearance of stretching or posing is a method formed out of text that is thousands of years old, Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras. The transmission of meaning has survived being handed down through many generations and across diverse geographical and cultural landscapes. Patanjali offers nothing less than a practical way to freedom from suffering, a way for us to know and be at peace within ourselves and this existence we find ourselves in. 

“Illuminated emancipation, freedom, unalloyed and untainted bliss await you, but you have to choose to embark on the inward journey to discover it.”  *BKS Iyengar
Our aim at Hamilton Yoga is to provide the sanctuary, the tools and the support for each individual to set out on this journey and to foster a caring community that nurtures one another along the long and winding path.

Term 3 Bookings
Bookings for next term are now open. Please let your friends, family, workmates and neighbours know about our wonderful little school and the high quality of yoga teaching we offer here.  We have an ‘Unlimited Introduction to Yoga Course’ that is incredible value for people new to yoga, or those wanting to learn the best foundations to build a lifetime of yoga practice upon. We are yoga specialists with expertise in yoga education. 

Scroll down to read more.

Alan Goode Workshop
Alan returns 1 year after our school launch bringing his warmth and wisdom and many decades of experience to Hamilton. The general intensive is open to yoga practitioners from all yoga backgrounds, so please let your friends know about this great opportunity to learn with one of Australia’s most highly regarded and senior teachers. Bookings are available online of at reception.

Scroll down to read more.

Amanda in India
I am set to head off back to the Ramamani Iyengar Memorial Yoga Institute (RIMYI) in Pune at the end of week 9, with my excellent travelling companion and ex-Novocastrian Julie Hodges. (Julie now teaches at her school Lismore Yoga). There will be attendance at daily classes and practices, much post-class discussion and note-taking and the opportunity to observe other classes including the busy remedial sessions. There will also be much catching up with other teachers, many cups of chai, masala dosas, and never-ending thalis…and of course some autorickshaw shopping expeditions. Keep tuned in to Facebook or Instagram for posts and images.
Image: Nek Chand Gardens, Chandigarh

Special Offers and the end of Term/Term Break

Term Break July 8th– 21st

Term break is fast approaching. We will be shifting all classes for the first week (July 8th-14th) just over the road to Hamilton Public School. We did this last year when the floors were repaired and resealed. This time it is to build a dividing wall between our reception area and main hall. This will give us a small space for practice, teacher training or private classes. It will also help us to keep the hall cosy in Winter.
We have a modified timetable for term break, and students who are members or who attend casually continue to attend. Please take a flyer from reception or check the online schedule 
Term 3 timetable and the term break timetables are now available at reception and online.

Special Offers

We do have 2 special offers for current Introductory students.

  1. Those going on to level 1 and wanting to sign up for a membership can receive a 40% discount off the first month’s payment, if  signed up by the end of the Intro course. Read more about level 1 classes.
  2. For those who sign up to repeat the Intro course by the end of the Intro course, attendance during Term Break at Intro classes is free. Please speak to your teacher if you would like to do this.

The Sanctuary

Students will notice some changes over the next few months as we continue to improve our space. The old shed outside has been dismantled and removed after 55 people responded to a “free shed” offer in under 4 hours (my phone was turned off whilst teaching) I can’t believe it has actually gone… now we can start to establish a tiny garden – a place to sit and enjoy before or after class.

The hall is also undergoing some laborious processes to prepare the 90 year old façade for a fresh coat of paint. Any colour suggestions from decorators or designers will be happily received. Something that is bright and welcoming and sits well with our signage.

Led Practice

Led Practice is run early mornings at two levels. Participants have the opportunity to practice what is learned in classes, with just the pose names being called, and the visual cues provided by the leader who practices with you. The quiet of the room gives a more internal experience, and is a step towards establishing your own home practice.
The sessions are led by students within the school who are mentored in the basics of leading and calling, and provided with audio and written materials and sequences. I have watched a number of students become established in a practice as they challenge their fears to discover confidence and a love of the role. It is now also a prerequisite for those considering teacher training to attend and eventually take on a leader’s role in this program. Our method of Iyengar yoga holds practice at its heart. What we do and how we do it is what counts.
This program is only available to regular students on a membership or with class enrolment. It is free for those attending two or more times a week, but bookings are essential and no casual attendance is permitted. Bookings can only be made through reception, they cannot be made online. Please speak to your teacher if you are interested. There is no reason to be fearful of led practice.

“Oil seeds must be pressed to yield oil. Wood must be heated to ignite it and bring out the hidden fire within. In the same way the sadhaka must by constant practice light the flame within himself. “

– BKS Iyengar

Australian Yoga Life – Yoga magazine

Amanda has an asana article in Australian Yoga Life – June 2019 edition which is now available in news-agencies… dropping back into Urdhva Dhanurasana from Tadasana. Of course, level 2 and 3 students will be already familiar with most of the content of that article, as it is what we have been covering all term in back-bends. Thanks to Alyssa Salamon at Alpha Sierra Studios for the great photographs.

TERM 1 2019

Some images from our March weekend workshop with Pixie Lillas. Thanks to all who came with open hearts and minds. It was great to meet some new yoga practitioners from Newcastle, and see our wonderful community coming together.


We rely on your good words about our little-known school and method of Yoga as our best form of marketing. Please leave us reviews via the links below
Thank you!


– NEW – 

Thursday 6.45-8.00 am
We are offering this extra class to take advantage of the warm weather and long days, taking the number of classes available with our unlimited Introduction to Yoga course up to 8 each week, with times spread across the day and something on offer each day of the week. Level 1 and 2 classes already run at these times, so this class provides a way in for the early morning-only people.


Sunday 9.00-9.45am
This 45 minute class was tucked away before the level 3 class, but is being moved to 9.00am on Sundays from Term 1. There will be a 15-minute transition from Pranayama to the Sunday 10.00 am Level 2 class for those choosing to stay on.

– NEW –

Thursday 7.15-8.45pm
David will be running this course on Thursday evenings for those students wanting a more gradual step up into level 2. Headstand will be consolidated, full backbends, stronger twists and more variations of forward bends are methodically introduced as well as restorative poses and pranayama.


Tuesday’s 10am Level 2 classes and Thursday’s 10am level 3 classes are swapping days.

We have an exciting schedule of Yoga Intensives in January

Thanks to those who attended our end of year celebrations in Gregson Park

So nice to see everyone in their picnic attire and lipsticks! Thanks for sharing your time, well behaved pooches, and excellent company with the rest of us.

We look forward to more such relaxed social events over the years to come. 

100th Anniversary of BKS Iyengar’s Birth

December 14th 2018 is the 100th anniversary of the Birth of BKS Iyengar.
We are holding a small celebration and in so doing, joining with the many that are happening around Australia and the rest of the world. We have three activities planned, something for everyone.

  1. 1. All students of Hamilton Yoga are invited to attend a free Led Practice on Friday the 14th of December at 6.15-7.45 am. Leaders will demonstrate variations for the different levels, so everyone can attend.
    Please ask your teacher to explain Led practice if you are not sure what this means!
  2.  Stay or come for chai and a light vegetarian breakfast if you have time. 
    Please bring a small plate to share. We will provide the chai. 
    There will be a list at reception to register so we know how many to plan for, but there is no charge for this event.
  3. There will be a free Introduction to Yoga class on Friday at 10am. You are welcome to stay for the class, bring your Aunty, sister, best mate or dad, and help to share the gift of our method of yoga with the world.

TERM 4 NEWS 2018


The end of 2019 draws near we have an exciting Summer schedule planned with some new Intensives, morning and evening at all levels, so there is something for everyone. Please check out the Summer schedule with dates and times for all intensives and classes now online.

Term 1 will feature a few new classes and a couple of timetable changes.


In the first few days of the New Year, we are all in recovery mode!
The meditative qualities of a led-practice is a great way to start the year.
See details below.


We are running 2 of these again this term break catering to the broad range of experience within the school.
An immersive experience.
Book for 5 Day intensive

8-classes – NEW

2 weeks. Monday to Thursday evenings
This Intensive is for keen motivated students.
Our 10 week Intro course curriculum is consolidated into these 8 sessions so you can fast track into Level 1 for first term which commences Feb 4th
Great for those New Years’ Resolutions where you actually do something, and then keep it up.
Book for Intro Intensive


Primary School age- Tuesdays 3.30-4.15pm
Teenagers – Saturdays 12.15-1.15pm
We now have 10-week courses for children and teens from the start of term 1.
For more information please check the website.
And tell your friends.
Children’s Yoga
Teens Yoga


Amanda will be running a 3-year teacher training apprenticeship program from 2019
The program will meet the minimum requirements of Iyengar Yoga Australia.
300 hours of teacher training plus 100 hours of assisting/observing. On-line materials for this course content will be provided through Alan Goode’s extensive teacher training resources at Yoga Mandir.
For more information please contact Amanda through reception by December the 7th.


This is a 5-week program for people with injuries, medical issues or disabilities. The inclusive Yoga initiative ‘Bridge to Yoga’ commenced this term and has been going well. The program has a limit of 5 students and provides a more affordable option than ongoing private classes. The aim is to equip motivated students with variations of poses from the introductory syllabus, so that injuries and disabilities do not stand as an obstacle to participation. Our aim is for these students to become independent, managing themselves within the Introductory level courses.

“I have found this course and Amanda’s approach empowering, encouraging and motivating. I feel that I am progressing, more in tune with my body and stronger. I highly recommend this course with Amanda Hood.” Rebecca

“I contacted Amanda as I wasn’t able to find another Yoga Studio that catered for people with injuries. Since starting the bridge to Yoga course I have more movement and flexibility.” Greg

Bridge To Yoga info here


Hello to all Hamilton Yoga Students.

It has been yet again another busy term starting with the school launch and special workshop with Alan Goode, with new programs commencing and more improvements to the amenities and equipment.
Term 3 now draws to an end with term 4 about to commence on the 15th of October.
Book here if you haven’t yet enrolled for your Term 4 classes.


The launch was a beautiful event. It was great to share food and celebrate together.
We hope to organise similar get-togethers each term. 
In term 4 we have a special gathering and events for BKS Iyengar’s one-hundredth birthday anniversary on the 14th of December, as well as an early end-of-year picnic celebration planned. More details to come next month.

The workshop with Alan Goode was well appreciated and attended, and we feel encouraged to organise more such workshops, with some in the pipeline for 2019.
Stay tuned for more information as details are confirmed.


In term 4 we launch a new program called ‘Bridge to Yoga’ which is an inclusive bridging program for people with injuries, medical conditions or disabilities who are otherwise unable to participate in a yoga class. If you know of anyone who might be interested please pass on our details.
 Our 50+ class and Prenatal classes are also relatively new to the school timetable.


We are ready to go with Led Practice Leaders now for both Monday Level 1 at 6.30am and Friday Level 2 at 6.00am.
Led practice is free for Dedicated and Committed memberships, and $105 otherwise.


We ran two term-break intensives for the first time, separating them into levels, which has been well received by students. An advanced Level 2/3 was taught by Amanda and a Beginners/Level 1 taught by Candace.  Intensives are a great opportunity to delve deeper into your experience of Yoga. We will continue to do this each term break, with the next ones coming up in early January.


This is a reminder to members that your classes do continue through the term breaks except for 2 weeks over the Christmas / New Year’s period when we close. If you wish to join the intensives in term-breaks, let us know to deduct those classes from the Intensive price.


We now have a new stage which was custom built by Amanda’s neighbour Steve, so now you won’t miss any details that are being demonstrated and your teachers in turn can see all students in the room. It also serves as a versatile prop as you can see from these images below. The Iyengar family made innovative use of the stage at the Institute for general use and for people with injuries and medical conditions, and we look forward to exploring the infinite variations it can afford. 

We have installed an internal toilet behind the change-room this term break, so no more dodging raindrops and puddles on those rainy days. A new kitchenette has also been installed which will come in handy for our social functions and is part of some further improvements planned for amenities in the next year.


Coming up Monday the 15th October. Please let your friends and family know:
Unlimited Introduction to Yoga 10 week courses for only $190 or sign up with a friend for an extra $10 discount each.


We now have a mini-shop of practice basics: belts, cushions, chairs and mats. Also a few books: Light on Yoga, Yoga the Iyengar Way – an excellent practice manual for Intermediate students and How to use Yoga, which is a perfect guide for beginners.
These can be purchased through reception.


We would appreciate any reviews you might want to give us on any of the following websites.
Of course, the best promotion we could receive is your word of mouth. Thank you!

Yellow Pages

50+ YOGA

We are running 50+ class on Fridays 11.30am-12.45pm taught by David.
This class is suited to mature students who are new to yoga, who require a slower paced class with attention to an individuised approach to postures. Supports may be used where necessary to aid stability in the poses.


We are running a prenatal class on Sundays from  2-3:15pm
This class is run by Amanda and is open to women at all stages of pregnancy.
Please let any expectant family or friends know about this class.

Term 3 Term Break October 2018

If you have a membership your allocated term-break  classes may be included for the intensive. 

Term 3 Term Break October 2018

Prenatal Yoga

Sundays 2.00-3.15pm

Prenatal Yoga is an excellent way to stay fit and active safely during pregnancy. 

This class is perfect for pregnant women who are new to Yoga or experienced students wanting to spend more time exploring the variations possible in an Iyengar prenatal yoga class. 

What happens in your Prenatal Yoga classes?

The class starts with passive poses to allow for quietening and releasing muscular tension. We explore the theme of comfort and observe closely the relaxation responses.

We  then transition through some seated postures to the more active standing poses, which can be performed with support where appropriate, for developing strength and stamina. As we work intensely at times you get an opportunity to practice equanimity in the moment. There is no better way to prepare psychologically for childbirth and the demands of parenting. The class always ends with a relaxation pose so that you leave feeling refreshed and energised.

Class Cost and Booking

Attendance at Prenatal Yoga is flexible  – Pay for a single class or buy a 10-class pass. Buy at reception or online. 

Call us for more information or just come along and try a class 

50+ Yoga

Fridays 11.30 -12.45pm

Yoga is for people of all ages. Learn safely with an experienced qualified teacher. Build strength, improve balance, loosen up stiff joints and develop mental calm and poise. No special levels of fitness or abilities are required. Just bring a sense of curiosity and find out what is possible. 

This seniors yoga class is suitable for more mature students who would like to learn yoga and for people wanting to work at a more considered pace. 

Class Cost and Booking

Attendance at 50+ Yoga is flexible  – Pay for a single class or buy a10-class pass.  Buy at reception or online

Call us for more information or just come along and try a class