The best quality tuition with Newscastle’s most highly qualified & experienced Yoga teachers.

There are 3 ways to pay for attendance, offering options to suit your lifestyle…


Hassle free & economical

Attend once, twice or three times a week. Three membership options for regular attendance for 50 weeks a year. Monthly direct-debit no lock-in contracts.

Courses &

Regular attendance at set times

10-week courses at all levels run in line with school terms. Courses have content that progresses, so you can too. 

Intensives run in the term breaks

Casual Classes

The most flexible option

Most of our classes allow for casual attendance, meaning that students can attend without booking to suit their schedule.

Our Introductory course is just the beginning…

 Are you stepping up from Intro to Level 1 on a membership?
Sign up by the end of week 10 for a 40% discount off your 1st months membership!

 We are happy to now offer a transitioning discount for students as they emerge from our Introductory course and make the move into level 1.

Our method develops very specific skills – each level has a curriculum that provides a comprehensive range of poses and content. Each level progresses throughout the term and leads towards the next level. Some students remain in the introductory level as long as needed to become stable. Most will move to level 1 either as members, course enrolees or as casual students.

Memberships cannot be purchased online. Please call up or speak to us at reception.  

 Are you re-enrolling in the Intro course?
Sign up by the end of week 10 and attend the Term-break Intro to Yoga classes for free!

 We understand that some people may require more time at the Introductory level.

You can re-enrol at this level as many times as you like. It covers all the basics and will set you in excellent stead. For people who are more mature, or working with injuries it can take a bit longer to find your feet, get steady, and feel ready to go to level 1. 

With repetition and determination any one and everyone can gain benefit. 

Please let your teacher know if you wish to enrol for next term, or enrol online.



A limited number of recommended books and yoga props for home practice are available for purchase at reception. See the current PDF list for what we have available and prices.