Spring Newsletter

Spring has arrived with uncanny punctuality! We welcome the warmth, the longer days and the
sense of hope that it brings. The Hunter region has now gone 1 month without a COVID-19 case, so we have much to be grateful for. We feel a renewed appreciation for our community of caring and kind-hearted people.

A special send-out of love and solidarity to our friends and family in Melbourne who have had a particularly tough Winter. Thankfully the lockdown is producing the desired results with fewer cases. Still, yoga schools there remain closed with on-line classes providing an important link for the community.Students here would have noticed teachers wearing masks whilst in class over the last month. At the time there was the potential for a local Newcastle outbreak, and so we decided to err on the side of caution. We feel that for now we can put our masks aside but will be ready to mask up again at the first hint of any local cases. We have a thorough COVID-19 plan in place and will, of course, continue with all our hygiene and distancing protocols.

For many of us, yoga is invaluable for bearing the challenges of life. Now as much as ever.

Hamilton Yoga Studio News
Hamilton Yoga Studio News

New Membership Offer for Beginners with a 50% Discount off the first month.

Hamilton Yoga has new 3-month Beginners’ memberships on offer. Check out the ‘new students’ page on our website for more information.

We know that some students are keen to attend more than once a week so we have three special memberships.  You can now come to 1, 2 or 3 classes a week and move up to level 1 when ready.
There are now 5 classes a week especially for beginners, and this will go back to 7, with weekend options from the start of Term 4 in mid-October. Please note that new students are not required to provide their own equipment, although we do recommend having your own mat.

Word of mouth…

…really is our best form of marketing!
Please let your friends and family know about our amazing little school and highly trained and experienced teachers. We have a pile of flyers by the Exit door and appreciate if you take a small bundle for your workplace or local café. You can also click on the button below and give us a review on Google.
Hamilton Yoga Studio
Hamilton Yoga Zoom classes

Zoom classes

Most of our classes are now HYBRID, meaning that you can reserve for either on-line or in-studio classes. We think the ZOOM classes will remain a popular option especially on those cold rainy nights and dark mornings. There’s a page on our website for those considering joining classes from home on Zoom.

Teacher training

Is now in its second year at Hamilton Yoga. There is a small but dedicated group meeting once a week for led practice, as well as monthly weekend sessions, class attendance / assisting / observing. You might encounter some of these trainees around the place offering you assistance, or even teaching some poses. Teacher training is really conducted as a mentoring system. We work closely together over a minimum of three years before eligibility for assessment by an independent assessment committee. As a trainer, it is a joy to work with such dedicated and curious trainees.

Hamilton Yoga Teacher Training News
Hamilton Yoga


Many students ordered props for home practice back in March. Shipments  were delayed and things took a while but miraculously eventually everything arrived. We have ordered a few extras so if you are still after items for home practice or would prefer to use your own in class you can purchase them from reception. We also now have the popular Sadhaka mats back in stock. (the kind we used in-studio) They are great quality heavy mats at a reasonable price. For any items you are after that we don’t have, use the code HAMILTON for a 10% discount from iyogaprops.com.au

Please contact reception to arrange the return of any borrowed items you still have.

Kids yoga

There’s a core group of kids who are loving yoga with Harriet on Tuesdays at 3.45pm. If you have children who are interested please contact reception for more information.

 … and the picture is the appropriately named Grace trying out some of her gran’s backbend moves. We have been using the kickboards and practicing dropping back in the level 2 and 3 classes this term.

Nice work Grace & Sandra!

Hamilton Yoga Kids yoga
Hamilton Yoga News

HY phone icon

You can easily add our icon to your phone’s home-screen with just a few clicks:

  1. Open the browser on your phone and go to your most used Hamilton Yoga web page.
  2.  On iPhones/iPads click the arrow at the bottom of the screen. (the box with the arrow coming out of it)
    On Android phones, click the three vertical dots in the upper right corner.
  3. Choose ‘Add To Home Screen’

That’s it! Now you can click the Hamilton Yoga Icon on your phone anytime to see the schedule, make a reservation, buy a pass or catch up on the latest news.

Financial hardship policy

Please let us know if your circumstances make it difficult to come to class. We are happy to negotiate a discount that makes classes affordable for you.

Hamilton Yoga payment

Small wonders 

Hamilton Yoga
Hamilton Yoga