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At Hamilton Yoga, we offer yoga Hamilton residents use to learn at their own pace, in a comfortable environment. Iyengar Yoga comes from The Yoga Sutras, and has been in use for over 2,500 years. We offer yoga classes for all skill levels, and we embody the practices that make this innovative approach to yoga so special and unique.

This discipline has a firm basis in the traditional eight limbs of yoga, and the approach is very precise with an emphasis on alignment, timing, the use of props, and planned sequencing. We guide our practitioners through the different forms that come with this practice, and we work to help each student advance at their own pace.

“Be inspired but not proud.”
B.K.S. Iyengar

Our dedicated and professional staff excel at leading our classes, and we’ve spent years challenging ourselves with Iyengar Yoga. This is a critical component of this form of yoga because the practice is based upon a constant but slow challenge that encourages the practitioners to advance with comfortable control and an understanding of their own bodies and minds.

We believe that learning at your own pace can help everyone get an in-depth knowledge of yoga’s hidden qualities, and this can slowly start to seep into every area of your life. Additionally, we also make it very easy for our practitioners to attend as many sessions as they like.

Hamilton Yoga welcomes Iyengar Yoga practitioners of all skill levels ranging from novices to veterans, and we have several sessions available throughout the week. Come to a single session or come to multiple sessions throughout the week — whatever fits into your schedule. We’re happy to have you!

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