Yoga Newcastle Timetable

There a so many places to take up our time, day to day like school, work, cafes or restaurants. None of these things feed your body and soul like yoga can. It’s the part of people’s everyday life giving them balance and inner strength. That’s why find a class of Yoga Newcastle Timetable specifically for your needs is hard, but worth it. That’s why a studio like Hamilton Yoga is an important. It has the flexibility of different times, days, ages and experience levels design for those what more yoga in life.

The right choice for your Yoga Studio

Without know it, you have a certain way you learn and receive information. Whether it’s visually, audibly or by doing, you receive that information and recall it when you need it. Hamilton Yoga designed their courses to encompass all your learning needs, so you maximise your learning. As you progress through each course, the instructors will help you work on key components used in the next level. They are preparing you to move forward in your yoga training. That’s why choosing a studio like Hamilton Yoga is a great option for those challenge themselves and their body.

Yoga teaches us to cure what need not be endured and endure what cannot be cured.”
B.K.S. Iyengar

Where did they come from at Hamilton Yoga?

Since 2017, Hamilton Yoga has been in operation thanks to the business partnership of David Morley and Amanda Hood. However, the studio has been in operation since 1996, with David running the Novocastrian School of Yoga. Now with Amanda on the team, it brought 20 years of full-time experience as well as her own credentials. Amanda is the only Senior Iyengar Yoga teacher in Newcastle which bring a unique aspect to Hamilton Yoga. This means that young students, 50+, teens, beginners, intimidates and experienced participates are in the best hands.

When your yoga Newcastle timetable needs to line up with your life, you need a local studio that does. Contact Hamilton Yoga for more information about what they can do for you and your schedule.