Yoga Newcastle

If you want to try the best yoga Newcastle has to offer, look no further. At Hamilton Yoga, we teach Iyengar yoga from our studio in Hamilton, NSW. As a form of yoga that focuses on precision, Iyengar is an excellent tool for strengthening both your body and your mind. Whether you’re new to yoga entirely or you have some experience in practising another type, we’re confident we can help you build your strength and enhance your balance.

“The hardness of a diamond is part of its usefulness, but its true value is in the light that shines through it.”
B.K.S. Iyengar

Why choose Iyengar yoga?

As a type of yoga that suits anyone and everyone, Iyengar is inclusive. It’s the most popular form practised worldwide, and each of our teachers is proficient in helping students practice within their comfort levels. At the same time, when you choose us for Iyengar yoga in Newcastle, we’ll help you to develop your boundaries and refine your skills.

As Iyengar yoga places a lot of emphasis on correct alignment and balance, you’ll find that it benefits your help. Prioritising alignment and balance reduces the risk of injury, strengthens the muscles and ligaments surrounding your joints, and helps you to enhance your fitness prowess elsewhere. Many of those who attend our classes find that they’re perfect for active recovery when they’ve spent the day before hand working hard at a cardiovascular exercise.

Yoga in Newcastle for everyone

If you’re looking for yoga in Newcastle that’ll meet your needs no matter what your abilities, we want to welcome you through our doors. At Hamilton Yoga, we have years of experience in serving the Hamilton community. In addition to enhancing your yoga practice, we’ll help you learn breathing techniques and meditative states that reduce your stress levels. With our yoga classes, you’ll make new friends and learn a healthier way of life.

To learn more about our classes or to make a booking, call us on (02) 4906 2150.