Yoga School

More often than not, you will bounce from yoga place to yoga place, trying to find a school that works. A need for most yoga participates is a place that they feel comfortable as well as challenged. However, just looking for a yoga school is tiresome and costly. Hamilton Yoga offers you experts as well as affordable unique styles of yoga to challenge you. The results and other student speak for themselves.

How does the Yoga School at Hamilton Work?

Hamilton Yoga has a wide variety of classes available regular students and casuals alike. Any age is welcome as there are over 50s classes, teens and younger classes as well as any skill level. Yoga is for everyone and in that vein, Hamilton Yoga has designed their timetable to reflect that. Also there are guest teachers that come through the studio as well as intensives that are available throughout the year. No matter your level, age or experience, you will, find a place at Hamilton Yoga.

Yoga teaches us to cure what need not be endured and endure what cannot be cured.”
B.K.S. Iyengar

Why you should choose Hamilton Yoga

Hamilton Yoga, formally the Novocastrian School of Yoga, was founded in 1996 by David Morley. Since she joined the team in 2017, Amanda Hood and David rebranded the business to Hamilton Yoga. As Amanda is the only Newcastle-based Iyengar Yoga teacher, it has given them a unique quality and point of difference. Hamilton Yoga has on their team the most experiences yoga instructors available in the region. Hamilton Yoga holds guest workshops, intensives and beginner courses on top of their full roster of classes. From 50+, teens and younger students, beginners to experienced attendees, there is a class or intensive for you.

Your time is precious and so is your body. Have the best instructors show you how to do the techniques exactly for the best results. Your health and wellbeing depend on what you do and yoga can help you balance it all. For more information, contact Hamilton Yoga and book in a class today.