Amanda Hood in Urdhva Dhanurasana (upward Bow pose)
A quiet space
in the heart of Newcastle
Welcome to our  Iyengar Yoga school in Newcastle – NSW


Beginners to Advanced levels 7 days a week

“As animals, we walk the earth.

As bearers of divine essence, we are among the stars.

As human beings, we are caught in the middle, seeking to reconcile the paradox of how to make our way upon earth

while striving for something more permanent and more profound.”

B.K.S. Iyengar, Light on Life


10-Week Beginners Yoga Courses

Find your feet in this tried & tested popular 10-week beginners yoga course.

Commencing  from Monday the 12th of October

There are 7 beginners class times per week to choose from. 

A beautiful profound & authentic yoga method for mental clarity and physical wellbeing

Special Membership Offer  

Sign up for any Beginner Three-Month Membership and receive a 50% discount off your first month*!

From as low as $12.50 per class


Thanks to everyone for the support and kindness in this period of great change and uncertainty. We are thrilled to be welcoming you back for IN-STUDIO classes.

We have a new bookings platform with Punchpass since closing in March, so if you haven’t already done so please create an account and log-in to make bookings and payments. Please contact us at reception if you need any help with this. 

Our class numbers are now strictly limited therefore bookings are essential.

Most classes here are HYBRID – meaning both IN-STUDIO & VIRTUAL.

You can choose to come to a class at the studio, or attend the live class via Zoom conveniently at home. 


Today / Tomorrow


Yoga is described as an ‘ocean of lore.’

Deepen your understanding of yoga and never stop learning. Integrate mind, body and breath and learn to adapt your practice to the inevitable obstacles that arise. Those obstacles become our greatest teachers in fact. Skills can continue to evolve over years and decades. 

Students from other methods are most welcome to come in and explore this multi-faceted, complex and rich method. Iyengar Yoga is a practice for life!

50+ YOGA

A gentle introduction

Become stronger, regain some lost mobility and feel more peaceful, in a process that requires kindness, effort and dedication. This senior’s yoga class in Newcastle takes a more gentle approach, following the Introductory syllabus. You can attend as part of the Introductory course or casually. 

 Wednesdays  12.00-1.00pm

“The depth of knowledge and experience the teachers at this school have is unsurpassed in Newcastle ( and probably most other places too). Individual adjustments provided during classes to ensure proper alignment. A very welcoming space.” Sue 


An inclusive program. Yoga is for everybody. Come and discover what is possible for you in a safe and supportive environment. Amanda is a senior Iyengar teacher with over twenty-five years of yoga experience teaching people of all abilities. 


– only $18 p/wk*-

Keen students can join anytime!

Course length has been adjusted as we adapt to current conditions.

1 IN-STUDIO class per week, + UNLIMITED

VIRTUAL classses

Up to 6 virtual classes each week are included in the Introduction to Yoga course enrolment. Attend once per week in person, and as often as you like on-line!

 No experience is necessary and absolute beginners are most welcome. 

A special 50+ Class as part of this series on Wednesdays from 12.00pm

Commitment to a course is strongly encouraged because consistent efforts return the truest benefits.

*Payable in advance

“Very professional, patient and knowledgeable teachers. It’s a pleasure to practice at Hamilton Yoga!” Greta


David Morley (founder of Newcastle’s first Iyengar Yoga School) and Senior Teacher Amanda Hood (co-founder of Yarraville Yoga Centre) are certified Iyengar Yoga teachers, each with more than 20 years of teaching experience. Harriet Ferguson and Candace Schreiner are fully qualified and certified Iyengar teachers also. At Hamilton Yoga we only offer mature, experienced & qualified teachers.


Equipped with everything you need, the historic “Oddfellows” building has charm, character and grace. Freshly renovated and insulated it offers natural ventilation and gorgeously restored timber flooring. Afternoon sunlight filters in through the trees of Gregson Park just across the road and the community of students here is also warm and welcoming. We are a family owned small local business that offers best-practice quality teaching and many decades of experience.


BKS Iyengar was central in bringing yoga to the West, and was an inspiring practitioner and educator in the art and science of yoga. This method is loved and practiced by many world-wide. High quality teacher training, rigorous assessment processes & ongoing professional development ensure that wherever you go in the world the same exceptional standards can be found. 

Iyengar Yoga Australia

Ramanai Iyengar Memorial Yoga Institute

Ramamani Iyengar Memorial Yoga Institute Teaching Certification Mark 

The mark of excellence in yoga teaching

What people are saying about Hamilton Yoga

“Teachers at Hamilton Yoga School bring decades of experience & knowledge to their classes. I feel very  fortunate to be reaping the benefits of their expertise in an environment that promotes progress while recognising & working with any limitations you may have. 

The new and improved studio is a very welcoming space.” – Sandra

” I really love this yoga community – a warm friendly place, great instruction and good choice of session times” – Acacia

“This is a beautiful place to practice Yoga. David and Amanda are great teachers. Their gentle guidance gives an understanding of each pose. It’s challenging sometimes but will also work with my limitations. It is a pleasure to attend class and I walk out feeling absolutely wonderful.” G

“Sam is absolutely loving learning yoga…Harriet is a wonderfully patient instructor and I adore her infectiously positive personality!” Blythe S (Kids Yoga)

Practice yoga in our beautifully restored, fully equipped school. 

Here you will find an emphasis on quality yoga teaching for a lifetime of practice. 

We teach authentic yoga, the world-renowned and respected Iyengar Yoga