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Steady breath, steady mind in these turbulent times

“It is through your body that you realise you are a spark of divinity ”

– B.K.S. Iyengar

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Teacher at Hamilton Yoga Iyengar Yoga School in Newcastle New South Wales demonstrate preparations for shoulder balance (salamba sarvangasana)

Term 3 2022

Beginners Yoga Courses
Start from July 18th

Sign up for any beginners course and attend a second course for free*

Find your feet in this tried & tested popular beginners yoga course.
In term 1 there are 8 beginners class times per week to choose from.


Monday 7.30pm – Amanda


Weds 1.00pm (Gentle/50+) David


Wednesday 5.30pm – Amanda


Friday 10.00am – David


Saturday 11.00am – Candace

*The second course is to be attended within the same term and is not transferrable

Alan Goode Workshop August 2022

General Workshop

Sat 20th & Sun 21st 4 sessions $230
8.00am to 11.30am & 2.00pm to 3.30pm
Suitable for all keen students with a minimum of 6 months regular experience.

Advanced Workshop

Friday 19th 5.00-7.00pm $60
For students with a minimum or three years consistent Iyengar Yoga experience, an understanding of inversions and experience of backbends such as urdhva dhanurasana.

Professional Development Workshop

Friday 19th 1.00-3.00pm $60

For Iyengar Yoga Teachers &  Teachers in Training

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About Alan

Alan Goode is the Director of Yoga Mandir. He holds a Junior Advanced Level 2 teaching certificate. Alan has studied regularly at the RIMY Institute in Pune India with the Iyengar family for 35 years. His most recent visit was in December 2018.
Alan started practising yoga in 1975 in Sydney and commenced teaching in 1982. He participated in the first teacher assessments in Australia in 1987. He previously established schools in Newtown in Sydney (1984-1996) and the Blue Mountains (1992-2004) and opened Yoga Mandir in Canberra in January 2005.
Alan has extensive experience in teaching Iyengar yoga to all levels of student, from beginners through to experienced, and remedial classes for those with injuries and medical conditions. Alan trains teachers, conducts workshops, and runs professional support and development programs for teachers, including training teachers to become teacher trainers.
Alan is passionately involved with the practice of yoga and its application to daily life. Through his writing he unravels the themes of the yoga sutras and demonstrates their link to our daily practice. Alan has developed an extensive resource library and engages in ongoing research work to support teacher development.
Alan contributes significantly to the teacher assessment and strategic planning activities of Iyengar Yoga Australia.

Hamilton Yoga is honoured to host this workshop with one of Australia’s most experienced & respected yoga teachers

Alan Goode 2022 Workshop at Hamilton Yoga
Amanda Hood in Maricyasana 3 for International Yoga Day 2021

Experienced Yoga Students

Yoga is described as an ‘ocean of lore.’

Deepen your understanding of yoga and never stop learning. Integrate mind, body and breath and learn to adapt your practice to the inevitable obstacles that arise. Those obstacles become our greatest teachers in fact. Skills can continue to evolve over years and decades.

Students from other methods are most welcome to come in and explore this multi-faceted, complex and rich method. Iyengar Yoga is a practice for life!

Gentle Beginners Yoga

An introduction to yoga for those wanting to take things a little more slowly. This inclusive class is ideal for seniors.
Become stronger, regain some lost mobility and feel more peaceful, in a process that does require some effort, but also being kind to oneself. This yoga class in Newcastle takes a more gentle approach, following the Introductory syllabus. You can attend as part of the Introductory course or casually.

Wednesdays  12.00-1.00pm


An inclusive class for those with injuries, medical conditions and disabilities.
This yoga class takes a nuanced approach, and is adaptable according to your needs. A maximum of 5 students per teacher. Please note that this runs as a 5-week course, and a private class with Amanda is required prior to your enrolement. Please contact reception for more information

Mondays  1.30-2.40pm

Hamilton Yoga
Supported parsva konasana with ropes at Hamilton Yoga in Newcastle New South Wales
Amanda Hood in Maricyasana 3 for International Yoga Day 2021



Led practice provides a pathway to move from being a student attending classes and receiving instructions, to developing one’s own practice. This is what lies at the heart of becoming a  yoga practitioner.

 LP is led by volunteering students and teacher trainees, who call the names of poses as they also do them. It is essential that you are attending classes and learning the poses that are practiced in this series. LP is not a class. There is no instruction. 

LP is only for students in Levels 2 or above at present.

Led Practice is free for students attending level 2 or 3 classes regularly 2 times or more per week. If you attend regularly one class per week the cost is $90

Bookings are absolutely essential and can only be made by emailing reception


What people are saying about Hamilton Yoga

“Teachers at Hamilton Yoga School bring decades of experience & knowledge to their classes. I feel very  fortunate to be reaping the benefits of their expertise in an environment that promotes progress while recognising & working with any limitations you may have. The new and improved studio is a very welcoming space.” – Sandra

” I really love this yoga community – a warm friendly place, great instruction and good choice of session times” – Acacia

“This is a beautiful place to practice Yoga. David and Amanda are great teachers. Their gentle guidance gives an understanding of each pose. It’s challenging sometimes but will also work with my limitations. It is a pleasure to attend class and I walk out feeling absolutely wonderful.” G

“Sam is absolutely loving learning yoga…Harriet is a wonderfully patient instructor and I adore her infectiously positive personality!” Blythe S (Kids Yoga)

Amanda Hood Senior teacher at Hamilton Yoga School, Newcastle, in Ustrasana, Camel Pose in Pune India